Almost every day in the morning, micromax laptop of the google competitor is being hacked using dlink modem

It appears that hackers in goa are extremely ruthless in hacking and have developed a new method for hacking the micromax laptop of the google competitor. Almost every day in April 2018, when the google competitor will restart the laptop in the afternoon around 1 pm and insert the dlink usb modem, a program is automatically installed by the hacker remotely
After the program is installed, the google competitor is unable to use the dlink modem for connecting to the internet
The only way to connect to the internet is uninstalling the dlink modem software and installing it again.
This is a time consuming process for the google competitor, who is already busy, and has very less free time.

Any information on the script or software which is being used by the hackers for the dlink modem, how they are using it will be appreciated