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July 2018

Unable to make payment on Freecharge for recharging BSNL connection

In a clear indication of the high level hacking of ntro, raw, cbi, google,tata employees , the google competitor was unable to make payment on Freecharge for recharging BSNL connection despite trying for more than 25 minutes.
The Airtel connection was used, three different browsers were used for making the payment, however the payment was not processed, wasting the time of the google competitor

The hackers were ensuring that the
coupon code did not work, Oops something went wrong
the payment could not be made , the payment page did not appear despite waiting for a long period of time.

Iball airway 21.0 MP hacked to give no service message

Google deserves the $5 billion fine, because of its unfair business practices like bribing government employees to abuse their powers and hack the laptop and other gadgets of a harmless google competitor.

On July 24, 2018, the google competitor is unable to connect to the internet, because she is getting an error message No service for the Airball airway dongle, wasting her time, as she tries to fix the problem

It was intentionally hacked by the tata, ntro employees , google contractors.