Monthly Archives: September 2017

BSNL connection used for radiation torture

The google competitor cannot use the BSNL connection for a long period of time, because the BSNL connection is used for radiation torture, causing a very severe headache, microwave burns to the harmless google competitor especially during the day.

On september 26, 2017, the google competitor was again subjected to radiation torture when the BSNL dongle was connected to the micromax laptop, causing a severe headache, pain.

Usually the dongle can be disconnected using software yet because of the ntro radiation torture, the google competitor has to physically disconnect the dongle,as the cruel sex animal ntro employees are monitoring the usb ports of the micromax laptop and increasing the radiation levels accordingly to enjoy free sex with the google, tata supplied goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi

BSNL 3G internet connection not working on September 1, 2017

It appears that someone extremely powerful is upset that his beloved R&AW employee sex worker sunaina has been exposed as not doing any work online, so on September 1, 2017, the bsnl 3g connection is not working from 6 am onwards. Though it is getting connected, almost no data transfer is taking place
When an airtel sim was used with the dlink modem, it is not getting connected at all, again due to ntro hacking.
It is a clear case of discrimination, when all other indian citizens can connect to the internet as they wish, why is so much tax payer money and resources wasted by ntro to block the internet connection of a harmless google competitor and domain investor,
Approximately one hour has been wasted trying to connect to the internet.
Instead of wasting time trying to connect to the internet, it is better to do some other work, as the internet is mainly used for checking email.