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Internet connection becomes very slow after paypal payment received

Due to widespread FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY, CYBERCRIME on online workers, investors working at home in india, the tech, internet sector, government agencies refuse to acknowledge the online worker, investor, criminally defaming the online worker and falsely giving a well connected high status fraud credit and often a monthly government salary for robbing data and making fake claims.
After a lot of effort the domain investor has managed to get payment from multiple sources, since Iwriter work was blocked and advertising revenues have reduced. Taking advantage of the dishonesty of the bhandari/obc leaders like goan bhandari CHEATER chodankar/naik,the rich and powerful are always making fake allegations against the domain investor, falsely claiming that all her income are gifts from relatives.
So when the domain investor received one payment, the internet connection has become extremely slow as the hackers are upset that their fake allegations are exposed.