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Blocking internet access is the preferred way to cover up the work at home fraud

No one has the honesty and humanity to ask the fraud greed liar tech, internet companies, why they are SHAMELESS LIARS, FRAUDS so eager to falsely give illiterate caretakers, maidservants, scammer students, housewives, schooldropouts like kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer naina premchandani, her scammer sons nikhil, karan, credit, monthly salaries for computer work which they do not do, cannot do since they do not have the skills,do not want to invest in computers , why the person spending her time doing computer work, is criminally defamed in the worst manner
this SYSTEMATIC computer work fraud, shows that some government agencies, tech companies are the greatest online fraudsters in the world.
why these fraud companies, government agencies are so vicious in criminally defaming, belittling citizens with computer skills, refusing to acknowledge the time, skills of those who do computer work for clients outside india, always humiliating them, denying them a life of dignity, making up fake cheating stories.
To cover up the work at home, financial, online fraud, these fraudsters and government officials are blocking internet access repeatedly for the domain investor

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While in almost all professions, most individuals routinely work for 10 to 12 hours daily without their sanity or mental health being questioned, the indian internet sector is unique in the fact that if a person is using the internet for lesss than 3 hours a day, it is considered a sign of “internet addiction” and a huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted to monitor and torture the harmless internet user.
There are many major problems in the indian internet sector like cybersecurity, hacking of important websites, yet the powerful cunning irrational ntro employees have no other work , other than falsely labelling harmless indian citizens internet addicts to monitor every activity and torture them with directed energy weapons to cause great pain daily.
With a few exceptions, internet usage in India is not free , and few citizens have enough money to waste spending a lot of time online. In most countries, using the internet for business is not considered to be addiction, however the google, tata controlled NTRO employees are extremely powerful, irrational and do not have the honesty or courage to justify their complete lies in an open debate

Kindly note that the 10 lazy greedy mediocre fraud RAW/CBI/indian intelligence employee faking a btech 1993 ee degree especially slim westernized goan obc bhandari SEX WORKER, call girl RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc who has SEX with top NTRO, CBI, security agency officials, eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina mother of two sons, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bespectacled indore housewife veena,fair and lovely deepika, shivalli brahmin fraud housewife nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, ruchika and others are NOT associated with the website in anyway as they do not wish to spend any money online on domain names, webhosting, internet expenses or do any work online

However the iit kharagpur 1993 medalist sundar pichai led google, tata have allegedly bribed fraud top NTRO officials like j srinivasan, puneet j, vijay to falsely claim 8-10 goan SEX WORKERS, CHEATER HOUSEWIVES an other frauds who never answered JEE were their btech 1993 ee classmate, domain investors and online experts to get all these google, tata sponsored FRAUD indian intelligence employees a monthly salary of $300 or more each in a clear indication of the rampant corruption in India in the indian internet sector.