DLink modem/BSNL internet connection used for hacking repeatedly

In a clear case of abuse of power, dlink modem and the BSNL internet connection are being used repeatedly to hack the Micromax laptop of the google competitor with a better 1989 JEE rank than google ceo sundar pichai. On 17 June 2017, when the dlink modem is connected to the usb port of the laptop at 12.45 hours, not only is the internet connection not working for 3 minutes, no other modem or sim is working on the laptop after the dlink modem with bSNL sim card has been used, it is giving the message, no device, though the enter modem with sim card is physically connected.
It appears that the bsnl sim card in the dlink modem is used to disable to usb port of the micromax laptop, so that the laptop owner cannot use any other internet connection. When the bsnl sim card is used, the laptop also does not restart immediately, it is taking 8-10 minutes to restart indicating that some very sophisticated hacking is taking place.
Only after the laptop is restarted the other enter modem can be used, however the connection remains extremely slow during the day.