Mobile internet suspended in Haryana and Punjab

Now it appears that due to court verdict on Baba RamRahim in a case regarding rape charges against him, mobile internet has been suspended in Haryana and Punjab according to television reports on 24 August 2017. There has been a massive build up of people in the different cities in the states, which the police claim was spread via social media so internet was banned.
It appears that in most part of north india internet services are suspended periodically whenever there is any sign of trouble and whatsapp is being used extensively.
It also indicates the misplaced priorities of indian security and intelligence agencies, cbi, ntro, that they are wasting crores of tax payer money annually for stalking, harassing and torturing a harmless google competitor, domain investor who cannot even mobilize 10 people , and refusing to find out how religious leaders like Ram rahim are mobilizing thousands of people causing unrest in multiple states in India.