I Just Got Moved to Arizona

It took me about nine hours to drive here. I got all of my stuff loaded up, although I just gave away a lot of the stuff that I really did not need. It was a long drive and I rented a trailer to pull behind my truck. At the end of the day I had to find a ps://www.mitchellchiropracticaz.com”>chiropractor in Peoria AZ to help me out with my back. It has a history of issues with my back and I knew exactly what I needed to do to get it fixed. When I got down there I moved in all of the stuff I could get in the place with no help. I ended up hiring a teenaged boy to help me with the furniture. I offered him thirty dollars and he jumped on it. However it turned out that the young man was easily distracted. In this case I can not hardly blame him. It turned out that there were three extremely attractive young ladies sharing the place beside mine and they were on their way to the pool when we were taking a sofa up the stairs.

For just a moment all of the weight of that sofa came down on me. The kid was sorry about it, and these girls laughed at him and asked me if I was alright. Of course they smiled and I acted as though I were really tough. It was obvious that I wanted to get to know them better and they thought it hilarious that I was putting on such a front. At any rate I know their names and I know where they live, so I guess that I am ahead of most of the guys in the world. I am already feeling a lot better so it is not a big deal.