Moz following CIA propaganda in internet connection fraud on domain investor to help google

Unlike the 13-15 raw/cbi/government employees faking domain ownership for domains of a private citizen, online income, the domain investor has legally paid for all the domains, and is actually doing work, getting paid, and is paying for the internet connection legally.

since 2010, the fraud google, tata sponsored 13-15 raw/cbi/government employees faking domain ownership especially indore robber deepika have not paid any money for the internet connection at all, yet relied on fraud ntro/raw employees like tushar parekh, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay who are making fake claims about a private citizen who they hate, have never contacted in her life

Yet the moz Da score is only 8, while majestic trust flow is 21, indicating the MOZ score reflects CIA propaganda, to help google destroy competition with fraud raw/cbi employees falsely claiming to own the internet connection of a private citizen after stealing her data in CYBERCRIME for the last ten years