Hackers closely monitoring internet connection to run extortion racket

Indian hackers running a major extortion racket on webmasters when they access the control panel to run a major government SLAVERY racket
One of the reasons why cybercrime is increasing in india is because the indian government is openly rewarding hackers,cybercriminals with monthly government salaries, great powers while harmless hardworking webmasters are criminally defamed, cheated, exploited, ROBBED, victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, human rights abuses
Usually most webmasters managing websites are only accessing the control panel when they have to add or remove domains, emails, delete files, they do not hack the server, do not even have the skills and knowledge to do so.
Only if the webhosting company blocks FTP access , the webmaster is forced to use the control panel . The hackers are monitoring the internet connection closely so that they can hack the computer and extort money using fake cases.