Fake allegations of internet addiction

Though India claims to be the IT capital of the world, the internet charges, reliability and freedom are among the worst in the world. The extremely corrupt shameless security and intelligence agencies, allegedly bribed by google, tata are quick to label any person working or making money online as an internet addict, to treat the person worse than an animal, use the person for non consensual human experimentation, causing great pain, denying fundamental rights, labelling the person as being mad. These officials cannot be identified or held accountable so that the person accused can defend himself or herself, worsening the problem.

It would be interesting to understand the criteria used by indian intelligence agencies especially NTRO to label a person as addicted to the internet. Internet users worldwide agree that if a person is using his or her internet connection for making money, for a business, he or she has the right to use the internet for as long as he or she wishes to. It is not a form of addiction, the internet is a tool for doing business. No ISP in India is providing a free internet connection to any internet user, they are charging a monthly fee or an amount based on the data transfer, they why is ntro wasting resources labelling people as internet addicts without any proof at all.

For example a harmless single woman engineer, india’s largest female domain investor has been ruthless defamed without any proof,cheated, exploited, tortured, denied her fundamental rights for more than 6 years, because cunning fraud ntro and other officials are falsely claiming that she is addicted to the internet. However the monthly bandwidth or internet data transfer of the woman engineer, which has been metered fairly accurately for the last one year, has been less than 3GB per month. In some cases, when customers were placing an order,the bandwidth used maybe slightly more, yet usage never exceeded 3.5 GB a month.

In contrast if compared to internet users in other countries, most internet users are consuming 50-60 GB per month, as watching videos on Youtube and elsewhere will consume a lot of bandwidth. Webmasters and domain investors, whose business is completely online are using 300 GB to 400 GB per month. In India too male domain investors are reporting on forums that they are using 5-6 GB monthly and they do not face any major harassment or persecution. However only India’s largest female domain investor, who has invested a large amount of money online, find that she is labelled an internet addict if she will use 3GB a month of bandwidth or internet data transfer.