USIM error proof of NTRO internet connection cloning

NTRO, CBI and other government employees are openly abusing their powers to enjoy lifetime free sex, get monthly indian government salaries for their mistresses, relatives and friends for doing nothing, that NTRO has cloned the internet connection of india’s largest female domain investor and google competitor, whose resume has been stolen for 10 lazy greedy fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees.
The USIM error is proof of the NTRO cloning, and is usually generated when the SIM of the Dlink modem is full with smses. Since the google competitor was getting this message repeatedly, she deleted all the smses from the inbox and outbox, though it was very inconvenient. However she still continued to get the USIM error, because NTRO has cloned the internet connection and they have not deleted the smses from their dlink modem inbox . Proof of the USIM error is published as background to this page.
So other than purchasing another USB internet connection dongle, there is no way to ensure that the error message will stop appearing. Anyone who can help end the USIM error can send an email to