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Video streaming not working on BSNL landline internet connection in panaji,goa

In a clear indication of the large scale corporate espionage, the google competitor is subjected to since 2010, the google competitor is unable to watch any videos on the BSNL landline internet connection in panaji, goa on April 15, 2018
Some websites like, were opening properly on the Iphone which was connected using the wifi to the router
However when the video streaming website was opened it was only showing the letters v o o t , no video was being displayed
Any tips to eliminate the problem will be greatly appreciated

BSNL internet connection used for hacking in panaji, goa

It appears that the BSNL connection is being used for hacking the laptop of the google competitor, some kind of malware is downloaded on the Micromax laptop if the connection is used in the morning. On 5 April 2018, the Airtel connection was very slow in the evening, so the BSNL sim was used. It was also used in the morning on 6 April 2018.

In the afternoon at around 1.30 pm, when the micromax laptop was used with a dlink modem, some kind of software appears to be automatically installed on the laptop . After that the dlink modem is not functioning ,the sim card is not recognized. The only way to make the connection work is by uninstalling the dlink modem, and installing the modem again. It appears that some changes are made in the registry

It would be interesting to find the name, designation of the ntro employee who is hacking the micromax laptop intentionally using the bsnl sim card, the software he is using or changes in the configuration. Everyday some time is wasted

BSNL internet connection is very slow

Compared to Airtel, the BSNL internet connection in Goa is very slow. It is taking a very long time to open a web page in March end 2018, April 2018.
Yet the ntro employees think that they are doing a great favor allowing the user to use the BSNL internet connection, and dupe people that the lazy greedy goan R&AW employee sex worker sunaina, who is not doing any work at all, is working online to pamper the goan call girl further
As Rs 333 had been paid for the prepaid BSNL connection the user decided to use it for a few days for review purposes, though a lot of time is being wasted to do any work online