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SBI connectivity error exposes endless fraud in the indian tech sector

The domain investor is also a trained engineer and she is managing her own network of websites with almost no downtime for important websites . yet in goa, she is being defamed in the worst possible manner after making fake allegations of black money without any proof at all and she is not getting any paid work other than low end article writing since she is being criminally defamed in the worst possible manner.

on the other hand, the largest banks and other organizations do not have a very efficient team, due to which their network is down for 6 days despite being the largest bank in India. If they had an efficient team, they would have ensured that the network does not fail in any city for more than 24 hours. In panaji there is a huge queue of people who are wasting their time to deposit cash because their cheque is not clearing and ntro is wasting resources on hacking computers of private citizens.

In a clear indication of the risks involved in computerization, SBI cheques which were deposited on May 10, 2019 and later are not yet cleared due to connectivity problems according to the staff at SBI Panaji main branch according to the staff at the bank.
Many people are transferring their money to their SBI account for payment, for example for SBI credit card, they only accept sbi debit card payment, and if the cheque has not cleared it is a major problem for them.
This clearly indicates the misplaced priorities of NTRO harassing harmless indian paypal account holders, the bank clearing network is very important, yet no one cares and cheques are not getting cleared. If it was a one day problem people could have tolerated, now it is 6 days, for cheque clearing, indicating a major problem
SBI account holders are wasting their time visiting the bank branch, to find what happened to the cheque , they are not getting any kind of notification indicating the extent of the problem.

There is massive fee to be paid if the credit bill is not paid on time, so some customers may be forced to withdraw cash from one bank account and deposit it in the SBI bank account in panaji to have enough balance to pay the credit card bill. Instead of visiting the SBI branch daily, it is better to withdraw cash and deposit it in the same city so that there is enough balance in the bank account

Yet the hysterical google, tata employees continue to hysterically make fake black money allegations, when cash is withdrawn or deposited, refusing to admit that it is a fault of the cheque clearing system that cheques are not cleared 6 days after they are deposited in the bank account