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Freecharge again refunds recharge for BSNL

One of the reasons why the domain investor is wasting time protesting against the NTRO, raw, cbi BANKING, ONLINE FRAUD on her, is because she is wasting a lot of time due to the confusion caused, when raw/cbi are making fake claims about their employees, falsely claiming that they own the bank and online account of a private citizen who is not connected to the employees at all
In April 2019, Freecharge had not processed the online recharge for her BSNL SIM card
In July 2019, they sent two coupons RAIN40 and RAIN25 which were valid till July 16, 2019
Though the domain investor was extremely busy on July 16, 2019 since she was travelling to Mumbai, she wasted time recharging the BSNL SIM, since she always has backup connections
However the recharge was not processed, and she got a money refund on her icici bank credit card, though she will not get a refund for the time wasted

This is because ntro is falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored call girl, robber raw/cbi employees like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, indore robber veena, riddhi nayak caro and other frauds, who do not spend any money on internet service, computers , own her internet connections to justify the monthly raw/cbi salaries that these frauds are getting without doing any work,without investing any money.
Till the domain investor gets the refund it is also difficult to get a recharge offline
It is time that raw/cbi stop falsely associating their lazy greedy unskilled call girl, fraud, employees with the domain investor since a lot of time is being wasted due to the fraud.

Idea internet connection not working in Mumbai

NTRO is so ruthless in criminally defaming a hardworking single woman engineer whose identity they have stolen to get their sugar babies and relatives raw/cbi jobs , that they are making fake claims about the internet connections which has applied for and is paying for

For example they are allegedly falsely claiming that the Idea connection belongs to the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud robber housewife riddhi nayak caro, who looks like solange, kanagana ranaut, though riddhi has never interacted with the engineer in her life, in a clear case of criminal defamation

So when the engineer was in Mumbai on 16 July 2019 onward and tried to use the Idea Zook dongle on her computer there, it was not being recognized

Why Cuppabean is a Must-follow Resource for Coffee Lovers

Nowadays, most of us consider themselves coffee lovers, but how many of us can say that they are also truly knowledgeable about their coffee? A lot of things makes a coffee unique: the machine, the brew, and all the secrets and tips that a skilled coffee maker holds in his heart.

Cuppabean is one of top resources on the web for the ones that really love their coffee and want to be up-to-date with the latest news and products. This website offers for example reviews of all the best filter coffee machines from the last year, listing pros and cons of each of them. Continue reading