Why Cuppabean is a Must-follow Resource for Coffee Lovers

Nowadays, most of us consider themselves coffee lovers, but how many of us can say that they are also truly knowledgeable about their coffee? A lot of things makes a coffee unique: the machine, the brew, and all the secrets and tips that a skilled coffee maker holds in his heart.

Cuppabean is one of top resources on the web for the ones that really love their coffee and want to be up-to-date with the latest news and products. This website offers for example reviews of all the best filter coffee machines from the last year, listing pros and cons of each of them. There isn’t one fit-for-all machine: in fact, different coffee makers may want different things from their coffees, that may be a never out of fashion black espresso or a fancy, trending aeroccino.

On Cuppabean there are also reviews of the best brews of coffee, with an eye for the latest ones arrived in the market. These brews are listed with all their special characteristics and unique flavours. There is also an interesting section regarding cold brews, that (as it’s remarked!) are very different from iced coffees.

On the website it is also present an useful research function, that helps users to find what they are looking for. In the unfortunate case that this weren’t present on the site, however, there is no problem! There is a page aptly called “Contact Us” with a form that visitors can use for:

  • asking the review of a specific product
  • requesting a suggestion about some new and amazing coffee brew
  • just chatting with somebody really interested in coffee!

All considered, Cuppabean is a very useful resource for everybody that is interested in coffee, because it has something to offer both to the casual coffee drinker and to the skilled, expert coffee maker.