NTRO employees duping people and companies that a google, tata supplied R&AW employee sex worker is an online expert

In an extremely vicious defamation campaign against a harmless google competitor who had a better 1989 JEE rank than google ceo sundar pichai, fraud CBI, R&AW, NTRO employees led by j srinivasan, puneet are putting the google competitor under surveillance since 2010, and then falsely claiming that the google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, recruited by R&AW for sex is doing the work online to pay the sex worker a monthly indian government salary and great powers
It can be easily and legally proved that goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina, like other google, tata sponsored frauds is not doing any work online and not investing any money online , yet the google, tata, ntro employees are refusing to acknowledge the time and money invested by the google competitor to defame her, deny her the income and opportunities she deserved. So the ntro employees are abusing their powers spreading falsely rumors that the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker is doing the work online.
A huge amount of tax payer money has been wasted in an extremely vicious defamation campaign against a private citizen, google competitor and domain investor since 2010, yet the ntro employees led by srinivasan, refuse to end their pampering and promotion of the lazy greedy goan sex worker sunaina, who is least interested in doing any work online, only interested in having sex with powerful officials .