Internet connection of paypal account holders closely monitored

In a clear case of abuse of power, the internet connection of paypal account holders is closely monitored by NTRO employees so that they can supplement their income, by selling information to large corporates google, tata. For example it appears that the BSNL 3G connection in goa using a dlink modem is routed through a NTRO, google, tata laptop and the tata laptop owner/user can block the BSNL connection whenever they wish to, in a clear case of corporate espionage in panaji, goa.
The wifi on the Micromax laptop is disabled, so NTRO is using the hidden wifi network to hack the micromax laptop of the domain investor, a private citizen. Why are tata employees monitoring the laptop of a private citizens, blocking internet access.
After the dlink modem is used with the micromax laptop, no other USB modem can be used on the same laptop, till the laptop is restarted