One minute to open one page for Airtel connection in panaji, goa

Cunning fraud Google, tata employees are defaming the google competitor that she does keep her house clean to justify their endless frauds when actually they are shamelessly wasting her time daily hacking the internet connection misusing the expensive ntro equipment. None of 10 google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree are spending any time online daily for making money online, yet are getting a monthly indian government salary because of the section 420 fraud ntro, cbi employees who are pathological liars, parrots repeating lies
On the other hand, the ntro employees freelancing for google, tata are making it extremely difficult to connect to the internet blocking her internet connection daily in a clear case of abuse of power. The fraud google, tata employees are falsely claiming that goan R&AW employee sex worker sunaina, a lazy fraud owns the BSNL connection and goan cbi employee gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, a greedy extortionist, owns the airtel connection of the google competitor as part of google,tata, ntro, cbi’s extremely vicious defamation campaign against the google competitor though it can be proved that the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees riddhi nayak, sunaina, indore fraud veena do not spend any money on the internet connection, yet get credit due to the section 420 fraud liar ntro employees.
On 22 June 2017,at around 8.20 am due to ntro hacking the airtel 3g connection was extremely slow and it was taking more than 1 minute to open a simple text page, as part of ntro, google, tata’s corporate espionage on a google competitor to cause financial losses, waste her time. Then after wasting time daily making the internet connection very slow, defamation, torture, the fraud tata, ntro employees lecture about cleanliness.