We Had a Great Talk About My Father

It hurts me day after day that I’ve lost my father. I don’t like cancer, and I don’t think anyone else does. However it really angered me that cancer took him at such a young age. He was only 54 years old. Last week, the synagogue that my family attends told me that they are buying a few new www.jewishmonumentsnj.com/plaques/”>Jewish bronze plaques in NJ and one of them will be for my father. His plaque, along with all the others they have will be displayed in their grand hallway that everyone sees as they enter the building. They asked me to provide a photo of him to include with it.

My mom helped me a drag out all of our old pictures. What I wanted to do was to find an older picture of Dad, and combine it with a newer picture of him. I know how to do a little bit of photo editing, and I knew that I could make them into one picture but place and five by five. I wanted add to be seen as he was when he was younger as well as so he wasn’t 54. He had not changed much, and his friends always told him that he never aged.

Mom and I sifted through the photos together. We looked at them 4 hours. Mom cried, and I cried. We shared so many memories of Dad. I even recorded our conversation because there were so many things that you shared with me that I did not want to forget. I forget things easily if I do not have some sort of reminder. I mentioned that the mom, and she mentioned that she was going to have many of the photos that she has copy so that she can send some home with me. She said they will all be mine one day, but she said there’s no sense in me not having some great reminders of the love that are dad had for us right now.