Google competitor, domain investor uses internet far less than most young people

NTRo,CBI, indian government are justifying the wastage of crores of rupees of indian tax payer annually money since 2010, to put a harmless google competitor under surveillance, monitoring all her online and offline activities, falsely claiming that she is addicted to the internet, as part of google, tata’s vicious defamation campaign

However if a professional and honest evaluation is carried out, it will be recorded that the google competitor, domain investor is using the internet for far less time than most young people and professionals in India because she cannot afford to lose her hard earned money due to fake allegations of internet addiction. Most young people are using Whatsapp and other apps, have a smartphone, the broke domain investor cannot even afford to purchase a smartphone, after her samsung galaxy grand was stolen by NTRO employees and their associates.

Young people, professionals are continuously using the internet for chatting, emailing, messaging, whatsapp, facebook, searching for information, and they are spending far more hours online compared to the google competitor who will spend only one hour or a little more daily . Yet the fraud ntro, cbi, security agency employees who do not have the courage to face the google competitor , continue to make fake allegations to defame, cheat, exploit and torture her daily