Internet connection of google competitor blocked in the morning repeatedly in panaji, goa in November 2017

In another case of corporate espionage, the internet connection of the google competitor has been blocked during the early morning from 5 am onwards as part of the google, tata strategy to waste the time and cause losses to the harmless google competitor.
On 28 November, 2017, the google competitor could not use both the airtel and bsnl connection during the period due to NTRO hacking and could later only use the airtel connection in the morning.
Later in the day, the BSNL connection was working fine, at night it again stopped working.
Similarly on 29 November 2017, again the google competitor has wasted a lot of time, more than 1 hour trying to connect to the internet, however the connection is not getting established as a variety of errors are being faced for airtel, bsnl connection, dlink, enter, Iball airway usb dongles in panaji, goa in a clear case of discrimination and corporate espionage