I Did Some Odd Jobs

By this I really mean that the job was odd. In fact I am rather sure that it was some sort of scam, although not in the sense that you want to separate money or jewels from someone. Instead I think that a friend of my boss is trying to convince this beautiful girl that he can help her with her music career. Of course I have some history in the corporate video production business. I probably did about every job that there is in that field, although I was only completely in charge of about thirty or so jobs before the company went belly up. Back then the problem was our accountant, he was having an affair with a woman with expensive tastes. The two of them bankrupted the place and then they fled. By the time that anyone knew what happened there was not a blessed thing that any of us could have done about it.

At any rate this is the sort of girl who might inspire a guy to do strange things. I would guess that she was around 21 and she has the figure of a swimsuit model, a really beautiful face as well. I did not think she was terribly bright at first thought, but she seemed willing to do what she needed to do to get what she wanted. If she wanted to be able to sing, then I do not think that anyone could do anything for her. Of course if she wanted to lipsync to another girl singing, then that was not a problem at all. All of the budget must have been spent upon make up and costumes. She had five costume changes, all of them seemed to cover less of her and this did not seem to bother any of the people making the video.