Goa ends free internet plan for young people

In December 2016, the goa government under laxmikant parsekar had announced a free internet plan for young people between 18 and 30 years in goa, allowing them 3 GB data transfer free allegedly as an election gimmick. The free internet offer was supposed to last for 3 years. However according to media reports, the plan has been withdrawn from July 1, 2017, allegedly because parents were complaining that the offer was being misused.
According to media reports 55,000 SIM cards were issued and only 32000 SIM cards were activated , indicating that 23000 sim cards were not even activated. The users of the scheme started receiving smses at the end june that the scheme would be discontinued. The goa state government was paying vodafone Rs 24 crore monthly for the internet connection, and since it did not have the desired effect, it was withdrawn.
Goa has a lot of debt compared to other states in India, yet the government is wasting money offering too many freebies to citizens making them lazy and greedy. So stopping the scheme will help reduce the wastage of the limited money the state has.