When internet connection is very slow, why are raw/cbi falsely claiming that their employees own the business of a private citizen

NTRO/raw/cbi are not helping the domain investor in any way in august 2019, she is treated just like any other indian citizen, and her internet connection is very slow. The Idea, BSNL connection is getting interrupted after one minute or less in panaji, goa , she is wasting a lot of time due to the slow connection

Yet ntro, raw, cbi continue with their great fraud of falsely claiming that lazy greedy liar fraud raw/cbi employees like the slim goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, offering sex services to ntro employees, who does not spend any time and money online, own the business, paypal, bank account to pay all these frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary and ROB THE CORRESPONDENCE of the domain investor without a legally valid reason

It is time that the raw/cbi employees end their fraud of falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account of a private citizen, they should open their own paypal, bank account instead of continuing with the BANKING FRAUD