Internet connection extremely slow in panaji, goa on 9 October 2019

One of the greatest frauds in the internet sector, is how ntro is falsely claiming that raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money or time, own the internet connection, domains, paypal account of a private citizen to get the raw/cbi employees a monthly salary without doing any work, without investing any money online at all, while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the private citizen who they all hate
Usually the Idea connection is fast in panaji, however on 9 october 2019, the connection is extremely slow at around 1.55 pm , it is very difficult to open any page
ntro, raw, cbi are always commenting on the house of the domain investor, private citizen whose bank account their employees FALSELY CLAIM to own to get a monthly salary without doing any computer work.
They forget that a lot of time is spent to do any work online, especially when the internet connection is slow, which the BANKING FRAUDSTER raw/cbi employees do not spend on the computer. Hence they have plenty of time to keep the house in perfect condition.
When the raw/cbi employees are not spending any time doing computer work and not investing any money in domains, why is the indian, state government in 5 states CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor, falsely claiming that the internet connection, paypal, bank account belongs to raw/cbi employees who are not spending any time and also not investing any money online.
when the Internet connection extremely slow in panaji, goa on 9 October 2019, they forget the huge amount of time which is wasted when they compare the domain investor, with housewives, call girls who have zero online income, yet get a very good government salary only for making FAKE CLAIMS, and are supported by google, tata in their fraud