Government blocks internet connection of real exporters in panaji, goa resulting in decline in exports from india

the times of india reported that the exports from India declined in december 2019, however it does not have the honesty to report the problems of the real exporters from india.
For example the domain investor is an exporter which she can legally prove , however the goa and indian government refuses to acknowledge that she is the exporters and falsely claims that various sex service providers, housewives, robbers and other frauds /cbi employees like karan, nikhil raw with no online income, are owning her paypal, bank account. Additionally since december 2019, the goa government has blocked the internet connection of the domain investor from 1.45 pm till 10 pm or later daily
Hence the domain investor, cannot access the internet at all for more than 9-10 hours, or has to waste a huge amount of time since the connection is very slow.
She cannot even send emails,
The entire exports are online, yet the indian government is doing everything to reduce the revenues of real exporters, reducing the exports of the country, blocking their internet connection for most of the working day
The focus on harassing hardworking honest people has caused many of economic problems faced.